Skolprojekt 2024

In the "Pinpoint School" project, your school has the opportunity to work with us in a structured project to reinforce the core values of belonging, community, reciprocity, respect and understanding of each other's differences and idiosyncrasies.

The project focuses on socialization, movement training and knowledge acquisition.

Game concept for the school

Playful game concepts for all ages – for school, hotel, camping, LSS, nursing home and more.

Active game concepts that encourage movement – with a focus on friends and knowledge.

Come into contact with geometry, mathematics, religion and other subjects in a completely new way!

Med Pinpoint märker vi stor skillnad mot andra spel och lekar på skolgården. Alla tycker det är roligt med Pinpoint och känner att de kan vara med på sina egna villkor. Pinpoint ger förutsättningar för heldagsskola genom att integrera och kombinera lek och lärande på raster och inom ramen för undervisning, fritidsaktivitet och specialpedagogik


We have Pinpoint on six LSS operations in the municipality and all our participants are now looking forward to SM 2021 - after last year's successful competition game!

By drawing attention to social context, physical and mental
and intellectual maturity, we create structures for participation and

LSS Marks Municipality
Ulrika Dahlén / Operations Manager

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