Pinpoint Street Edition

Pinpoint - play and learning for all ages!
Pinpoint - a game with variations for school, hotel, camping and afterwork!

Ready-to-deliver games in 24 hours!


Pinpoint is a big boost in the schoolyard - kids love their new game! For us educators, it is interesting to see how quickly we can achieve knowledge results by using the game in teaching.

Närlundaskolan on Ekerö
Principal / teacher
A hugely appreciated feature of the hotel. It takes up less space than table tennis and shuffleboard and it is played all the time. It's great to be able to offer something completely new for our visitors!
Gothia Towers Hotel
Lena Kallevik / Director of Creative Events
Pinpoint at your school!

Unique game concepts for preschool up to year 9 – tested together with students, teachers and special education teachers. 

Pinpoint Friends

Promotion in progress on "Pinpoint Friends" - complete with game, game concept, balls, shipping & installation.

39.750 ex. VAT / Complete!

Playful game concepts for all ages – for school, hotel, camping, LSS, nursing home and more.

Active game concepts that encourage movement – with a focus on friends and knowledge.

Come into contact with geometry, mathematics, religion and other subjects in a completely new way!

Ready-to-deliver games in 24 hours!