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European Tour 2022

Preparations are in full swing for the Pinpoint European Tour 2022. We will visit a variety of activities such as schools, hotels, campsites, cafés etc. 

Feel free to tip us if you want us to visit a business you know in Europe! 

SM in pinpoint 2021

Readymade Pinpoint AB invites you to
SM in Pinpoint on September 17, 2021.
Registration is open!

200 games in a unique series!

We are now producing a unique numbered series of 200 Pinpoint games.

The games are marked with a metal plate on the underside of the playing surface, giving these 200 games a unique status as collector's items and also as "Ready-mades" or "Post Ready-mades" to refer to the artist Marcel Duchamp's conceptual world.

With his artistry, Duchamp has inspired us in our development work with Pinpoint. 

Our interpretation of Duchamp's Ready-mades is based on the child's 'reality-creating gaze' and their unique process of awareness in their interpretation of the world around them.

For those of you who are interested in Marcel Duchamp's artistry, we are planning a workshop at the end of 2021. More info ahead!

Pinpoint's competence panel is taking shape!

Now our competence panel is ready to meet your business and work with our three focus areas friends, movement, knowledge.

Our competence panel currently includes representatives from a number of different professions such as special education teachers in several different areas such as dyslexia, dyscalculia and NPF, behavioural scientists, teachers, principals, etc.

Equal health with Markus Lövberg

We in the Pinpoint family get praise from the swedish boxing talent Markus Lövberg! – a meritorious and distinguished athlete who strikes a blow for our new game! Markus is an elite boxer and ranked in the top ten in Sweden. He has several Swedish and international tournaments on his record.

This year Markus sm-silver took in a weight class above his own, which shows which top boxer we are talking about!

Readymade Pinpoint AB is proud and happy for our collaboration with Markus Lövberg and we wish him all the best in his future boxing career!

Here's how Markus describes our new game:

"Pinpoint is unique because it is accessible to everyone, both large and small. People with disabilities can also play and compete in Pinpoint, which I appreciate as an athlete. Pinpoint is a bit like a deck of cards. Simple design – a game that enables lots of fun game variations"

Generation PEP

We at Readymade Pinpoint AB support Generation PEP's commitment to issues related to movement, health, etc. Thank you for your great work and thank you for being part of your organization!

Pinpoint Competence Panel

Pinpoint competence panel gathers knowledge and experience from several different professions. The panel works with the following areas: 

Development of new game concepts
Pinpoint Project Implementation Support
Sounding board for npf issues
Ambassadorship for Pinpoint
Networks and external collaborations

If you are interested in participating in our competence panel, you are welcome to fill out an application. 

SM in Pinpoint

Soon it's time for our annual SM game in Pinpoint!

Sm takes place in several locations around Sweden and is arranged together with our super ambassadors at schools, LSS accommodation, playgrounds and more. 

SM is free and all ages play in the same class! 

Once you have signed up for sm, we will send you an invitation with information about this year's SM games.  

Pinpoint Community

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Super Ambassador
Junior Ambassador
Hosting sm
Entrance ticket to Gothia Towers Pinpoint Event
Free judge course etc.

Welcome to contact us and apply for membership in the Pinpoint Community.

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